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Omni-Plus Technology
Crisp, Clear, Always in Focus DW®’s OMNI-Plus Series is powered by our Infinity DSP technology and OMNI-Focus lens. Our Infinity DSP technology offers features like WDR, Star-Light, HME, and Smart IR to help produce clear images, and our OMNI-Focus lens simplifies field-of-view adjustment by utilizing three lenses to view fore-, mid-, and background as one. Together they offer a camera that is crisp, clear, and always in focus.

Technology Main Features:

Omni- Focus Lens
The Omni-Focus lens includes a three-lens technology that separates the viewing area into three zones to view fore-, mid-, and back- as one image. This provides a clear image where objects in different depths will all be in focus.
3x Optical Motorized Zoom
When motion is detected, Omni-Plus cameras can automatically zoom into the motion area up to X3.
IR Remote Controller for Complete Remote Camera Configuration
All Omni-Plus cameras come equipped with a small IR remote controller to control the camera’s OSD menu and configuration remotely and conveniently.
Digital Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR)
Digital Wide Dynamic Range technology uses the camera technology to capture an entire scene in challenging lighting conditions. The camera digitally adjusts the exposure to the dark areas and the bright areas at the same time, capturing both areas with no loss of detail.
HME (Highlight Masking Exposure)
The HME technology detects and masks any strong spots of light to produce a clear image of any environment. HME is particularly effective for reading license plates of cars in streets or parking lots at night.
Smart DNR™ 3D Digital Noise Reduction
Smart DNR™ 3D Digital Noise Reduction increases the camera’s clarity in very low light environments by using a unique algorithm to clean electronic noise signals that can reduce the camera’s visibility and trigger false motion detection events. DW®’s special noise reduction technology allows the camera to produce clearer images in both color and B/W in low light without creating lag or ghost effects in the image.
DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor)
With the advanced light compensation technology DRC, dark spots in images become more visible without overexposing the bright spots to create one perfect image.
DSS (Digital Slow Shutter)
Offers a slow shutter feature that increases the length of time the shutter remains open to collect additional light, illuminating typically dark environments.
True Day/ Night with IR Cut Filter (Supported Models Only)
To get a better image at night, the camera turns on IR cut filter glass when it detects a specific color data in the environment. When this occurs, the image will turn from Color to Black-and-White and vice-versa.
Programmable Privacy Zones
Masks overly exposed light to produce a true video image in any environment.
Smart IR™
Smart IR™ adjusts the image for IR cameras to eliminate LED light reflection and white spots in the image. By breaking down the camera’s field of view into five zones, Smart IR allows for even distribution of the IR light. This prevents excessive illumination on images that are in the front of the scene and offers a clear image in B/W without any loss of detail.