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DW Spectrum® is Open Platform

DW Spectrum® IPVMS is built on a true open platform,
allowing you to customize your video surveillance system
and integrate applications for additional features.

True Open Platform Capabilities Built-In
DW Spectrum’s open developer tools are accessible at any time through the DW Spectrum® IPVMS server web admin page.
DW Spectrum® video management software (VMS) is based on a true open platform, with a built in application programming interface (API), allowing developers to fully interact with DW Spectrum® IPVMS.  The DW Spectrum® IPVMS open platform API enables you the ability to add custom, best-in-class security solutions to your surveillance, such as access control, video analytics and automation solutions.
Our Video Source Integration SDK enables easy integration of any video source (live or archived) into the system. With the SDK, it's possible to create a methods for discovering, displaying, analyzing and recording video from virtually any live or recorded video source (IP Cameras, NVRs, DVRs, etc). It also allows for integrating device I/Os and motion detection information.
Our Storage SDK enables easy integration of any potential storage. Using the Storage SDK, developers can read from or write to any storage location — locally available, remote storage and even cloud servers.
IP I/O Module support enables DW Spectrum® IPVMS users to take any standard dry contact input to trigger system events, actions and alerts or control any external system with standard relay outputs within DW Spectrum's unparalleled user interface.
Already have a software- based system with events that need to be delivered into DW Spectrum® IPVMS, like LPR, POS or video analytics? DW Spectrum’s unique Generic Event capability opens the door for developers to deliver external events and metadata into DW Spectrum’s alarm and events engine with a standard HTTP REST API for a powerful user experience.
The possibilities are endless.

True Freedom of Choice with Cross Platform Capability

Of course, DW Spectrum® IPVMS is built in true 64-bit architecture for both Windows® and Linux® operating systems. x86 bit versions are also readily available, as well as a Mac® client. You have the freedom to choose the best hardware according to your specific budget and needs.

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