DW® MEGApix® IP Cameras Give "Eyes" to DMP® Systems
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Nov 20, 2018 in Technology
DW IP cameras offer high quality image verification
to DMP solutions
DW's 2.1MP/1080p bullet (DWC-MB721M4TIRDMP) and ultra-low profile vandal dome (DWC-MF21M4TIRDMP) IP cameras are now integrated with DMP® solutions, offering best-in-class image verification to eliminate false alarms and offer law enforcement and customers more accurate information.
MEGApix® 2.1MP/1080p IP cameras with DMP® integration
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DMP® integration
DW's DMP cameras offer clients significant enhancement in video verification, eliminating false alarms and unnecessary expenses.
True wide dynamic range
Processes a wide range of lighting, delivering a detailed image in complex and mixed lighting environments.
Smart IR
Prevents excessive illumination on objects that are in the front of the scene, offering a clear image in B/W with no loss of details.

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