Did you see them yesterday? The multi-sensor cameras that DW has developed that MAINTAIN THE FRAME RATE OF THE INDIVIDUAL SENSORS! That?۪s a demonstration of some serious technology that CTO Ian Johnston and his engineers have delivered.

While everyone else is excited about their 4K cameras (us too, of course), at ASIS, we are showing a camera with four 4K sensors each producing 30fps! We call it 32MP30fps.

We are also showing a similar camera with four 1080p sensors each maintaining their native 30fps. We call it 8MP30fps.
  • Panoramic (four sensor) streams at 30fps.
  • One drop on the network.
  •  One recording license.
We think that delivering this kind of frame rate will further revolutionize the way that engineers and integrators look at system design. Come and see them! Booth 3145.