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Please allow us to share with you why multi-sensor panoramic cameras are important:
You can reduce the number of cameras in a surveillance system by using high resolution multi-sensor cameras to give you wide views and dedicated high resolution single-sensor cameras at choke points (the places where there is a need to capture faces and plates).
When you reduce the number of cameras in a system without reducing resolution, there is a reduction in all associated costs (cabling, licensing, labor, etc.), accelerating ROI.
Multi-sensor MEGApix® PANO™ 1080p 180?? View Cameras (DWC-PV2M4T and DWC-PB2M4TIR) used with MEGApix® single-sensor 720p, 1080p and 5MP cameras are perfect for these scenarios.
Here is what IHS Research has to say: "As predicted, there was rapid growth in demand for 180/360-degree network cameras last year and there are no signs of slowing in 2015... [they are] proving particularly suitable for sectors like retail, airports and casinos..."
REVEALED! THE REASON WHY YOU NEED TO VISIT DIGITAL WATCHDOG AT ASIS 2015: The NEW DW® MEGApix® PANO™ 48MP 180?? View Camera provides wide views and detailed views with one camera and one installation (watch our website for the product data sheet — coming soon!). SEE IT AT ASIS! Legacy competing panoramic cameras have added higher resolution sensors over the years, but their frame rates are extremely slow. The DW® PANO™ cameras produce frame rates up to real-time 30fps. The 48MP at 15fps is phenomenal for capturing activity. In addition, it's easy to select it to run at a staggering 32MP at up to 30fps. See our training video that compares frame rates ("Camera Features" playlist).
Here are more reasons to visit DW® at ASIS:
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September Customer Webinar
Friday, September 11th, 2015
8:30 a.m. PDT

Anaheim Convention Center
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Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, 2015

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