MEGApix® 4K low-profile vandal dome IP cameras produce stunning detail in color in all lighting environments.
Megapixel resolution  
DW’s technology delivers crystal clear images in any resolution. A higher resolution offers forensic details with zooming into the camera’s field of view.
Star-Light Plus™ color
in near-total darkness
Star-Light Plus™ color in near-total darkness technology provides crisp, clear images in color in near darkness. The camera’s sensor offers back-illuminated pixel technology featuring increased light sensitivity. The result is a high-quality color picture in the visible light and near darkness.
Star-Light Plus™ monochrome image in near-total darkness.
Star-Light Plus™ delivers color image details in near-total darkness.
The image is underexposed.
The image is overexposed.
The WDR image is clear and balanced.
True WDR
Cameras with true WDR technology have advanced sensors that can deliver clear images in a wider range of lighting.
The CleanView™ coating improves visibility, reducing water spots, dust and grease build-up on the camera housing’s clear polycarbonate surfaces.
Camera view without CleanView™.
Camera view with CleanView™.
IR light reflects from objects, reducing visibility.
Smart IR™ cameras distribute the IR light evenly in the FoV.
Smart IR™
Smart IR™ adjusts the image for IR cameras to prevent excessive illumination on objects that are in the front of the scene and offers a clear image in B/W without any loss of detail.