Get BICSI or ESA Credits in Toronto @dw_cctv

DW® invites you to join an exclusive accredited training opportunity for our DW Spectrum™ IP VMS. Students will fully understand all aspects of installation, set up, functionality and be able to provide maintenance and ongoing support of an IP video surveillance system.

The DW Spectrum™ IP VMS certification course is an eight (8) hour class. DW® also offers four (4) and two (2) hour courses on network essentials including basic DW Spectrum™ training.

All three certification courses count toward your CEU certification. The DW Spectrum™ IP VMS Course Qualifies for eight (8) hours of ESA® credit and seven (7) hours of BICSI® credit. The Networking Essentials four and two hour classes qualify for four (4) and two (2) credits.

Sign up for a March 28 training in Toronto, Ontario.

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