By now, you are familiar with IP multi-sensor cameras.


You may not be as familiar with HD analog multi-sensor cameras. DW® is the only company that manufactures them.


IP multi-sensor cameras typically come into your VMS in one of two ways — as multiple individual streams or as one stitched image combining the streams for you (usually in a panoramic view).


HD analog multi-sensor cameras work the same, but different.


Even though there are three or four image sensors in an HD analog multi-sensor camera, each sensor still has its own BNC connection. Yes, if the housing contains four cameras, it has four BNC outs.


The user interfaces (UI) of analog recording systems offer screen templates for a fixed number of cameras — four, nine and so on.


So, how do you get a panoramic view (side by side) in your UI?


Well, if you choose to have four cameras showing, you’re not.*


But if you chose a template that shows at least three cameras in a row, it’s easy. It is the literal definition of plug and play, configuring the three camera cables on the back of your DVR to display next to each other in the UI.


The same procedure applies to a user configurable camera. You may have the four sensors positioned at the intersection of a hallway or at the corner of a building. Simply plug the cables into your DVR for the individual cameras to appear on screen the way they make the most sense to your security personnel. You can see a demo of how this works here.


This is another example of the beauty of HD analog technology. You keep the simplicity of coaxial infrastructure, while adding improved image quality and installation flexibility.


*The Digital Watchdog® STAR-LIGHT PANO™ 6 Megapixel Three-Sensor 180° Panoramic View Camera includes a fourth BNC out that broadcasts a stitched image of all three cameras, plus a programmable panoramic tour. That bonus feed displays in one segment of your UI, so it will give you a panoramic view in a four-camera template.