New DW Channel Partner Program Starts April 1st, 2021
Are You In?
The program has four partner levels (Gold, Silver, Authorized and Not-Authorized) providing greater discounts over past programs that increase in the higher levels. You’ll have a “maximum buying price” per product.
Signing up is easy and you’ll receive approval within 24 hours. 
Program Features:
Enhanced Margins
Project Pricing
Map Pricing
Project Design Support
Extended Warranties
DW University Certification
Online LMS
Priority Tech Support
Knowledge Base
Demo Gear Discounts
Partner Portal
Co-Marketing Support
Partner Certificates
Case Study Support
See all program details & the four partner levels:
I’ve seen plenty...
Existing DW PIP Partners:
If you’re already a registered DW PIP Partner, you will be automatically rolled into the new program.
You MUST confirm your distribution partner selections in your portal Partner Profile.
(see Steps 1, 2, 3 below)
Project Registration remains a key feature in the program. 
Please visit the Partner Portal and review your Distribution Partner selections.
(you may include up to 5)
STEP 1:Go to
STEP 2:Enter up to 5 Distribution Partners. Must include distributor name and account number.
STEP 3:Click “Save” and notice that air smells sweeter... colors are brighter... and, your wallet is getting fatter!