DW<sup>®</sup> Complete Video Surveillance Solutions
Increased Image Resolution. Lower TCO.
Building your HD over Coax system around DW® STAR-LIGHT FLEX™ Cameras is smart.

You get four 1080p sensors with interchangeable 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm or 8mm lenses, easily configurable because the sensors are held in place by strong magnets. You have the flexibility to point the sensors wherever you need them, like crosswise at the intersection of a hallway or 270° at the corner of a building with no blind spot under the camera because you point one sensor down.

Versatile VMAX A1™ Universal HD over Coax DVRs complete the equation to add new ROI to existing coax infrastructure.

Only one thing is smarter than including these cameras and recorders in your HD over Coax system: having someone demonstrate them for you at your location.

Four 4K cameras-in-one replaces multiple installations to lower all system costs.
Flagship of Our Multi-Sensor Camera Line

Try It Yourself
Experience 48MP and HD over Coax video on your own computer.
DW Spectrum™ IPVMS Demo
VMAX IP Plus™ NVR Demo
VMAX A1™ HD over Coax Demo
The camera on your smartphone or
tablet is an instant surveillance camera.
Only on VMAX IP Plus™ PoE NVRs
Easy-to-use enterprise-class video
management and recording.
Blackjack™ Servers/NVRs
Blackjack™ NVRs
DW Spectrum™ IPVMS
Pivot™ CMS
Complete Video Surveillance Solutions
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