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DW Spectrum™ IP VMS v2.3 Build 8344 Release Notes


Build 8344 Release Notes
Bug Fixes

  • Android App – slight update to the server and fixed display issues on Nexus 6 devices.
  • Timeline recorded video fix – green segments for recorded video occasionally not displaying properly.
  • Rare System Freeze – Two branches of code in v2.3 were conflicting and this resulted in the some users experienced a stoppage of recording, system merge failures, and slow camera loading.
  • Non-IP Server Address Issue – the server hive environment worked incorrectly if servers were set to address each other by DNS (rather than IP). This could lead to various intermittent problems.
  • NAS storage issue – if NAS was in a system and then removed or unable to be discovered after an upgrade the Server pointed at that NAS address would take up to 10 minutes to start.
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