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MEGApix 1080p 2nd Generation Firmware Update

Digital Watchdog® announces the release of new firmware for MEGApix® cameras. The firmware is available for download on our website and from our FTP server at the links below. The new firmware applies to the following models, running firmware starting with Ax.x.x:
  • DWC-MB421TIR
  • DWC-MB721M4TIR
  • DWC-MB721M8TIR
  • DWC-MD421D/DWC-MD421DB
  • DWC-MV421D/DWC-MV421DB
  • DWC-MF21M28T

Release Notes for version A1.0.3:
  • Color reproduction issue when Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) was enabled has been resolved.
  • Password’s minimum length has been updated from 4 to 6 characters to increase security. The update applies when changing a password or adding new user. Please note:
    • Passwords less than 6 characters long prior to the firmware upgrade will remain the same and acceptable to use when login in to the camera.
    • Passwords can be a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.
    • Passwords are case sensitive.

Username: dw
Password: dw1234

Click hereto download the full release notes. 

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