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Upgrade your system with motion detection and external illumination.
What are SiteWatch™ and NightWatch™?
SiteWatch™ detectors and NightWatch™ illuminators are perfect for any installation that requires external lighting or motion detection. All detectors and illuminators are fully integrated with DW Spectrum® IPVMS and can be controlled and managed remotely from the software.

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Key Technologies
SiteWatch™ detectors and NightWatch™ illuminators
When the detectors detect motion, the illuminators can be programmed to turn on, and cameras can be activated to record. All devices can be controlled via DW Spectrum® IPVMS.
NightWatch™ illuminating distances
The NightWatch™ Infrared and White Light illuminators incorporate the latest surface mount Dual-Core™ LEDs, combined with enhanced optical output and outstanding reliability at a variety of distances and wavelengths.
Motion detector and laser sensors for PTZ enhancement
Combine SiteWatch™ motion detectors with a PTZ camera. When motion is detected, the camera can be programmed to move to a specific preset, increasing efficiency and reducing false alarm cases.
Motion detector and laser sensors for daytime monitoring
SiteWatch™ motion detectors offer a programmable beam range of up to 1640ft (500m), offering truly exceptional resistance to false alarms.
Amplify panoramic surveillance
Combine detectors and illuminators with MEGApix® Pano™ multi-sensor and hemispheric fisheye cameras to create a formidable panoramic solution.
DW Spectrum® IPVMS
The SiteWatch™ detectors and NightWatch™ illuminators are fully integrated with DW Spectrum® IPVMS
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IP environmental-rating
The SiteWatch™ laser sensor and NightWatch™ illuminators are IP66-rated. The SiteWatch™ detectors are IP65-rated.
IK impact rated
All NightWatch™ illuminators are IK 09-rated impact-resistant.
NDAA / TAA Compliant
DW® IP cameras, analog cameras, NVRs, DVRs, network devices and management software sold and distributed worldwide are designed and developed in U.S.A. and Korea. Manufacturing is done in Korea.

Most DW® products qualify for GSA Schedule Contracts and other government opportunities because they are TAA / NDAA compliant.

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