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24/7 Rich, Colorful Imaging, Day and Night.
DW’s IP cameras with White-Light LEDs built-in are the ideal solution for applications requiring high-quality color images in any lighting condition. The built-in LEDs provide a powerful source of illumination, reducing installation time and complexity. With camera analytics such as object classification, tampering and scene change, the camera is perfect as a deterrent and for providing users with actionable alerts and video to keep your camera and your property safe.
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Technology Features
White-Light LEDs Built-In
Create deterrence and provide crystal-clear images in color without the need for external illumination or the potential loss of color and detail from B/W images.
B/W image with IR LEDs.
Color image with White-Light LEDs.
F1.0 Super Aperture Lens
The camera’s lens has an F1.0 wider-than-average aperture, allowing up to 4 times more the amount of light to enter the lens (compared to an F2.0 lens), resulting in brighter images.
Back-Illuminated Sensor (BIS) Technology
Backside-illumination technology flips the position of the pixels and the circuitry to collect the light from the sensor's backside. This improves light capture from 60% to over 90%.
Environmentally-Friendly Warm Light
The 3000 Kelvin warm White-Light provides ample lighting with no need for other sources of illumination. The warm White-Light is environmentally friendly, with minimal light pollution for residential areas while maintaining true color with no harsh discoloration in color images.
24/7 Vivid Full-Color Imaging
Capture people, cars and objects at nighttime with the same rich colorful images as during the daytime with no IR cut filter and no switch between color and B/W.
Basic Camera Analytics Engine
Abnormal Color Detection
Detect changes in the color reproduction to alert possible issues with the camera.
Scene Change Detection
Detect changes in the camera’s scene due to unintentional movement or faulty installation.
VideoTampering Detection
Detect a sudden blur or visibility loss, an event notification will be sent.
Perimeter Intrusion
Detect any human or object crossing a pre-defined perimeter in multiple directions.
Object Classification
Detect and classify humans and objects separately.
Line Crossing
Detect any human or object crossing a pre-defined line in multiple directions.
Fast Framerate
DW's panoramic IP cameras produce wide area views at up to real-time 30fps and up to 48MP, providing smooth video with no loss of details between frames.
Image is overexposed
Image is underexposed
WDR image is clear and balanced
True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
DW's ATM pinhole camera uses true WDR technology to capture both under- and overexposed areas in the field of view, combining them in real-time to create a high-quality, better-exposed image in a wide range of challenging lighting.
Simultaneous Dual-Streams
Use the camera's dual-stream feature to manage traffic and bandwidth on your network, with a high-resolution stream for recording and a standard-resolution stream for live monitoring.
Camera's secondary stream for live monitoring.
Lower resolution for reduced bandwidth use.
Camera's mainstream for recording.
High-resolution, high bandwidth use.
Digital noise in low light environments
Smart 3D DNR clarifies digital noise
Smart DNR™ 3D Digital Noise Reduction
Use DW’s exclusive noise reduction technology to produce clearer color and monochromatic video in low-light without adding visual lag or ghost effects.
H.265 Codec Support
High-Efficiency video codec standards deliver 25% to 50% better data compression while maintaining video quality.
ONVIF® Conformant
DW’s ONVIF conformant IP products allow you to bring our robust solutions to any surveillance system with other ONVIF components, creating a truly unique solution, to match your specific needs.
IP67 rating has protection against dust and water to 3 feet.
IK10 Impact Resistant
The IK10 rating protects against impact equivalent to 10 lbs mass dropped from 1.3 feet.
5 Year Warranty
All DW cameras come with an unbeatable 5-year warranty.
NDAA Compliant
DW® IP cameras, analog cameras, NVRs, DVRs, network devices and management software sold and distributed worldwide are designed and developed in U.S.A. and Korea and manufactured in Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Most DW® products qualify for GSA Schedule Contracts and other government opportunities because they are NDAA compliant.

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