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Bring 5MP live and recording resolution to your existing installation.
What are VMAX® A1 Plus™ DVRs?
VMAX® A1 Plus™ DVRs support HD-Analog and HD-TVI signals up to 5MP, and CVBS up to 960H. The DVRs offer a seamless upgrade to HD resolution for new ROI from existing coaxial infrastructure. The VMAX® A1 Plus™ can record 1080p video at real-time 30fps. Up the Coax (UTC) remote configuration is available with all compatible cameras. The VMAX® A1 Plus™ DVRs are available in 4-, 8- and 16-channel models with up to 20TB of storage —

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Key Technologies
Megapixel resolution
DW’s technology delivers crystal-clear images in resolutions up to 5MP. Higher resolution delivers forensic details when zooming into the camera’s field of view.
Easy and secure peer-to-peer remote connection without opening ports.
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Camera Group Recording
Designate a group of cameras to respond to an alert from one camera.
Channel Swap
Swap a camera’s channel assignment without changing the cable connections.
System Monitoring
A real-time graphical representation of all system connections. Receive connection alerts via email or text.
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Mobile Apps and Apple TV
Up the Coax (UTC) Communications
Get off the ladder! Make adjustments to your cameras from the DVR.

Star-Light Plus™ cameras deliver crystal-clear 5MP images and support HD-Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and all analog signals up to 960H
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C3™ is a powerful, easy-to-use management software suite developed by DW®, for DW® enbedded solutions that provides actionable information in real-time.
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Universal HD over Coax® 16-Channel Digital Video Recorder
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Universal HD over Coax® 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder
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Universal HD over Coax® 4-Channel Digital Video Recorder
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