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What are MEGApix®  PTZ IP cameras?
DW’s IP PTZ cameras use pan, tilt, and zoom to offer users great ROI with maximum protection at a minimum cost. The cameras’ up to 36x optical zoom gives users forensic detail with the ability to zoom into security events. The camera can also take place of multiple fixed cameras with a variety of intelligent preset and pattern commands that allow the camera to cover a wide area all from a single camera.

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Key Technologies
Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera
PTZ cameras can monitor large spaces, replacing a multi-camera installation. They can also zoom and track events live, giving users more control over their monitoring solution.
Up to 36x optical zoom
The optical zoom lens uses internal glass elements to bring an image up to 36x closer, allowing the magnified image to be recorded at full resolution.
Up to 1148ft Smart IR™ illumination
DW’s IP PTZ cameras have Smart IR LEDs built-in that provide illumination up to 1148ft (350m) for the DWC-MPTZ336XW, and up to 200ft for the DWC-MPTZ230XTW from the camera, delivering clear images and details for both objects in the camera’s foreground and deep into the background.
3-part insert bubble
DWC-MPTZ230XTW’s unique 3-part insert bubble has a special lens and IR bubble block and a special black IR bubble, which act together to dramatically reduce IR reflections from entering the lens.
Remotely controlled 95° tilting
DWC-MPTZ230XTW’s unique bubble structure improves the camera’s tilting capabilities up to 95° tilting angle, covering any blind spots in the far background, with no image distortion.
Star-Light Plus™ monochrome image in near-total darkness.
Star-Light Plus™ also delivers color image details in near-total darkness.
Star-Light Plus™ color in near-total darkness technology
Star-Light Plus™ color in near-total darkness technology provides crisp, clear images in the absence of ambient light.
Simultaneous dual-streams
Use the camera's dual-stream feature to manage traffic and bandwidth on your network, with high-resolution stream for recording and standard-resolution stream for live monitoring.
Camera's secondary stream for live monitoring.
Lower resolution, reduced bandwidth use.
Camera's main stream for recording.
High-resolution, high nadwidth use.
Image is over exposed
Image is under exposed
WDR image is clear and balanced
True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Cameras with true WDR technology have advanced sensors that can deliver clear images in a wider range of lighting.
DW's PTZ cameras are environmental-rated IP66 dust-tight and water-resistant.
IK10 impact-resistant
DW's PTZ cameras are IK10-rated impact-resistant.
Digital noise in low-light environments
Smart 3D DNR clarifies digital noise
Smart DNR™ 3D digital noise reduction
Use DW’s exclusive noise reduction technology to produce clearer color and monochromatic video in low-light without adding visual lag or ghost effects.
H.265 codec support
High-Efficiency video codec standards deliver 25% to 50% better data compression while maintaining video quality.
ONVIF® Conformant
DW’s ONVIF conformant IP products allow you to bring our robust solutions to any surveillance system with other ONVIF components, creating a truly unique solution, to match your specific needs.

Blackjack® servers powered by DW Spectrum® are robust and user-friendly video management solutions.
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VMAX® IP PLUS™ are PoE NVRs that allows you to go from power up to monitoring in less than three minutes!
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