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DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions are versatile and flexible to meet the needs of any application in any market.

DW® has you covered

DW® has the right tools for any application, scalable, configurable and unique to your needs.
With its ability to scale from one to thousands of devices, DW’s Complete Surveillance Solutions make it easy to expand your system from a single location to a nationwide network of branches and locations. Our intuitive user interface allows for seamless live monitoring and playback of all video feeds in a single interface.

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The gaming industry faces security concerns associated with restricted access management, theft and monitoring and recording of incidents that may require law enforcement involvement. DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions offers customizable, integrative solutions to assist in tackling these concerns easily, and effectively.

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Higher Education
School security requires a balance of keeping costs down while maintaining safety as a high priority. Robust surveillance solutions, paired with the powerful DW Spectrum®, ensure the safety of students and administrators at schools nationwide.

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Healthcare facilities require enhanced video solutions to effectively monitor daily operations. Video cameras integrated with intelligent DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions provide added security for medical centers. Its fast video search and instant event notifications prove invaluable for patient and staff protection, reducing theft and allowing for swift resolution on in-hospital incidences.

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K-12 Education
Protecting students and faculty from security risks has become a growing top priority in recent years. DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions gives law enforcement and educators the tools needed to enhance the school’s security and protection needs. By providing state-of-the-art smart motion search, intuitive recording and integration with 3rd party alarms and door locks, DW® helps to address critical safety vulnerabilities throughout campuses, helping prevent crises and provide swift and instant responses in cases of emergencies.

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Beyond physical security to large manufacturing facilities, video management and reliable analytics allow for staff, goods, shipping and logistics tracking to ensure the quality of care and improve overall organization.

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With a user-friendly interface and optimized video search tools, DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions enable seamless video management no matter how small or large a single-family home or a building complex is.

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Every retailer, regardless of size, faces the risk of internal loss, theft, or fraud. DW’s Complete Surveillance Solutions’ video operations result in greater situational awareness that can be used to drive the bottom line.

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Video surveillance plays a key role in overseeing remote and expansive sites and monitoring day-to-day operations in warehouse and distribution locations. Our intuitive user interface allows for seamless live monitoring and playback of all video feeds in a single interface. We also integrate with many third-party devices, allowing users to customize and bring tailored solutions to the DW® infrastructure.

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