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DW Spectrum Mobile
Model: DW Spectrum Mobile (for v2.5 and Higher)
View live and playback video from DW Spectrum® IPVMS systems running v2.5 or higher at the touch of your finger.

DW Spectrum® Mobile for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® devices is a free app that allows users to connect, view and search DW®’s DW Spectrum® IPVMS solutions running v2.5 or higher anywhere in the world at any time.

This cross-platform architecture updated in version 2.5 offers the same reliable and easy-to-use user experience across all platforms.
To download the app, search ‘DW®’ or 'DW Spectrum' in the Google Play Market or Apple App Store or click either of the links below:

Models Supported:
• Blackjack® Blade™
• Blackjack® Cube-LX™
• Blackjack® Cube™
• Blackjack® P-RACK™
• Blackjack® E-RACK™
• Any DW Spectrum® Server running DW Spectrum v2.5 or higher
• All supported IP cameras and encoders (Via DW Spectrum® license integration)

For Apple® downloads: Search DW Spectrum on the iOS app store or click here to download the app.

For Andoird® downloads: Search DW Spectrum on the Google Play store or click here to download the app.

  • Advanced Search Options: Search video recordings by date & time with Rewind & Fast-Forward features (on Android app only)
  • Cross Platform: App available for Android and iOS smart phones and Tablets
  • Reorganize the screens’ order: for supreme convenience and easy control
  • Seamless Transition from Live to Playback
  • Thumbnail View and Tree View: Simple Camera Previews
  • Up to HD 720p Resolution: Adjust display resolution instantly for bandwidth and network control.
  • User-friendly, easy to operate: Intuitive GUI for easy setup and control
  • View Live and Playback Video
  • Dewarping of Fisheye Cameras

Software Special Features

Calendar Search
Time-Bar Search
yes (Supported in Android app only)

Software Video Control

Digital Zoom
Pintch-to-Zoom function (Supported in iOS app only)


Number of Multiple Channels
Unlimited, depending on the number of cameras connected to a server
Number of Multiple Sites
Number of Sites
Supported Recorders
Blackjack Blade Blackjack Cube VMAX Flex VMAX480 VMAX960H Flex VMAX960H
Operating System
Android, iOS
DW Spectrum IPVMS
Blackjack® Cube-LX
Blackjack® CUBE
Blackjack® P-Rack 1U 4-Bay Chassis
Blackjack® P-Rack 2U 8-Bay Chassis
Blackjack® P-Rack 2U 8-Bay Chassis with RAID
Blackjack® E-RACK 2U 12-Bay Chassis
Blackjack® E-RACK 3U 16-Bay Chassis
Blackjack® E-RACK 4U 24-Bay Chassis
Blackjack® E-RACK 4U 36-Bay Chassis
Frequently asked questions
Q. Can I access multiple servers at a time from my Spectrum Client?
A. Multiple servers can be accessed when servers are merged. Otherwise, they may be accessed by an individual login to each server. Page 37 of our Spectrum manual.
DW Spectrum™ IPVMS Manual

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