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All your systems in one interface.
What is the C3TM CMS?
The C3™ client and event server make up a remote management software suite for DW® VMAX® embedded recording solutions. It provides users a powerful and easy-to-use new way to monitor any VMAX® device from anywhere. Full-featured yet lightweight, the software delivers simultaneous live views and playback or recorded video —
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Key Technologies
Multiple connections
Monitor live and recorded data from up to 256 sites simultaneously.
Dual monitors
View up to 144 cameras (Windows) / 64 cameras (Mac) per monitor.
View up to 2 monitors simultaneously, for 288 total cameras at the same time (Windows only).
Screen recording
C3™ CMS allows you to record your own screen. (Windows only).

View live and recorded video simultaneously
Playback recorded video while watching live view on the same screen at the same time.

Remote DVR configuration
Remotely configure DVR settings and
firmware upgrades.

Easy video clip back-up
Quickly export video from all devices on the network easily for archive back-up.

Thumbnail search
Search video files by thumbnail images by day,
hour and minute.
Health monitor / event server
Monitor system health and
setup alerts and notifications. (Windows only).
Fisheye dewarping
Enhanced fisheye dewarping for your fisheye
cameras into a panoramic view with digital
PTZ control.
Fisheye dewarping
Fisheye view
Panoramic view

Drag and Drop
Drag a sites, a single camera or multiple cameras onto the monitoring screen instantly.
Flex Timeline
Search by seconds, hours, days, even months, in the same adaptive timeline.
Customizable Layouts
Create an unlimited number of customizable, shareable layouts.
Adaptive scaling
Expand monitoring screen onto two monitors and view up to 288 cameras. (Windows only).
Advanced PTZ
Control PTZ cameras using quick point and click or outline-to-zoom user interface controls.

Fisheye dewarping
Dewarp a hemispheric image into a panoramic view with digital PTZ control.
Live video
Simplify your surveillance experience by allowing simultaneous live and playback video viewing on the same monitoring screen.
Live video
Simplify your surveillance experience by allowing simultaneous live and playback video viewing on the same monitoring screen.
Recorded video
Quickly access recorded video from multiple devices.
Camera details
View and manage a camera's OSD information for easy identification.

Events Server (Windows only)
Advanced event management from a single screen.
User Management
Quickly add users and manage user rights with custom user roles.
Device Management
Control VMAX® A1 Plus™ DVRs, VMAX® A1™ DVRs and VMAX® IP Plus™ NVRs.
Up to 256 devices
View up to 256 devices simultaneously.
Unlimited users
C3™ supports an unlimited number of users and makes it easy to assign and manage permissions.
Up to 288 views
View up to 144 cameras per monitor, up to 288 with dual monitor support. MAC software supports a single monitor, up to 64 cameras.

Manually or Automatically (using the Events Rules Engine) create Bookmarks to highlight critical events and related video.
Keyword search
Search an entire year's worth of recorded video in less than a second using keywords and events.
Calendar search
Search recorded data via a calendar view. Days with recorded data are highlighted for easy visual search.
Thumbnail search
Visually review large quantities of video in a thumbnail view by the day, hour and minute.
Event Server (Windows only)

System settings
Remotely configure all your devices from a single location.
Server health
Live graphical server health monitoring for all your devices.
E-mail notifications
Receive notifications on events or system status right to your email.
Log files
View and export log files for your records.
System status
Live graphical system status updates keep you in the know.
Bring your DW solutions into one monitoring software.
VMAX® A1 Plus™ DVRs support HD-Analog
and HD-TVI signals up to 5MP,
and analog up to 960H.
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5MP Star-Light Plus™ Universal HD over Coax® support HD-Analog, HD-TVI and HD-CVI signals, and analog signals up to 960H.
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MEGApix®  single- and multi-sensor IP cameras offer crystal clear video with powerful image enhancement features.    
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VMAX® IP PLUS™ are PoE NVRs that allows you to go from power up to monitoring in less than three minutes!
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