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Crystal-Clear HD Video.
What is MEGApix®?
MEGApix® cameras feature state-of-the-art user-friendly technology providing crystal-clear megapixel video. Selection of 5MP, 4MP and 2.1MP/1080p resolution provides forensic-level zooming without detail loss or pixilation. Digital Watchdog’s IP cameras include power over ethernet (PoE), universal plug and play plus an intuitive web-based UI.

MEGApix® cameras remove the complexity of network powered devices while delivering superior image quality.
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Key Technologies
Megapixel resolution
DW’s technology delivers crystal-clear images in resolutions up to 5MP. Higher resolution delivers forensic details when zooming into the camera’s field of view.
Star-Light PlusTM color and darkness technology
Star-Light Plus™ color in darkness technology provides crisp, clear images in color in near darkness. The camera’s sensor offers back-illuminated pixel technology featuring increased light sensitivity. The result is a high-quality color picture in the visible light and near darkness.
Image without Star-Light PlusTM
Star-Light Plus™ delivers color image details in near darkness
Image is under exposed
Image is over exposed
WDR image is clear and balanced
True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Cameras with true WDR technology have advanced sensors that can deliver clear images in a wider range of lighting.
The CleanView™ coating improves visibility by repelling water spots, dust and grease build-up on the camera’s dome. The CleanView™ coating treatment will allow liquid to roll off of the dome’s polycarbonate surfaces when tilted vertically up to 10° or less.
Camera view without CleanView
Camera view with CleanView
IR light reflects from object, reducing visibility.
Smart IR™ cameras distribute the IR light evenly in the FoV.
Smart IR™
Smart IR™ adjusts the image for IR cameras to prevent excessive illumination.
License Plate Recognition
The MEGApix® CaaS 4MP LPR cameras are engineered to capture license plates of moving vehicles in extreme light conditions, up to 60' at up to 50mph.
Cold Start
An installed heater helps the cameras power up in extreme cold weather conditions where temperatures may go as low as -40°F. This makes the cameras ideal for any harsh environment installation.
Smart DNR 3D™ digital noise reduction
Use DW’s exclusive noise reduction technology to produce clearer color and monochromatic video in low light without adding visual lag or ghost effects.
IP66 and IP68 rated
DW's bullet and outdoor dome cameras are environmental-rated IP66 dust-tight and water-resistant. Our Snapit™ vandal dome cameras are IP68 dust-tight and water-proof.
IK impact rating
DW's vandal dome cameras are
IK 10-rated impact-resistant.
5 year warranty
All DW® cameras come with an
unbeatable 5-year warranty.

Blackjack® servers powered by DW Spectrum® are robust and user-friendly video management solutions.
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VMAX® IP PLUS™ are PoE NVRs that allows you to go from power up to monitoring in less than three minutes!
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