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Video Surveillance Designed for Small Business.
What is CaaS™?
DW’s Camera as a System edge solutions allow business owners to setup a complete single- or multi-site surveillance system with no server or NVR required. These all-in-one cameras operate as edge recorders, storing high-definition IP video locally (64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options).
The cameras can easily be managed via the full-featured DW Spectrum® IPVMS pre-installed on the cameras. The software lets you access your system from any computer, any mobile phone and any tablet, with no recurring fees or high network bandwidth dependencies. No software to buy and install, no license keys and no OS to maintain.
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Key Technologies
All-in-one cameras that do not require NVR’s, DVR’s or on-premise servers
MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras act as an all-in-one solution, handling recording, notifications, management and monitoring all accessed remotely, with no need for a dedicated server or remote recorder.
DW Spectrum® IPVMS
Pre-loaded with DW Spectrum® IPVMS, access and control from your phone or tablet: Our iPhone® and Android® app allow you to check in on your business from across town or across the country.
Simple to deploy, effortless to maintain
The MEGApix® CaaS™ all-in-one cameras offer a quick and effortless path from installing the camera to watching and recording in minutes. Just install the camera, download the DW Spectrum® client software, activate the licenses and start watching.
Camera as a System
The CaaS™ solution supports up to 30 cameras in the network, all accessible and manageable remotely via the DW Spectrum® client, DW apps and the DW Cloud™ webpage.
Bandwidth conscious
Our ground-breaking architecture places video storage on the camera, not in the cloud or a remote server, placing network flow as a top priority and ensuring that critical network activities get the bandwidth they require.
30 days of retained video
Get access to up to 30 days of recorded data all stored locally on the camera, manageable and archived remotely.
Ideal complete DW Spectrum® solution for small scale applications
The MEGApix® CaaS™, combined with Blackjack® NAS desktop products can deliver a complete DW Spectrum® network solution.
Easy and Safe
DW’s Camera as a System edge solutions offer the power and security of the DW Spectrum® IPVMS in a simple and user-friendly deployment.

Easy to Use Software
Powered by DW Spectrum®,
the CaaS™ IP cameras are fast,
intuituve and simple to manage.
No Need for Open Ports
With DW® Cloud™, users can
access all their systems with no
port forwarding or complicated
network setup.
Auto Software Updates
DW Spectrum® provides
automaic and remote software
updates, with no additional costs
and recurring charges.
Encrypted and Secure
DW Spectrum® IPVMS allows only secure
connections and encrypted video and traffic
between servers and clients.
View your MEGApix® CaaS™ IP cameras
from any computer, laptop, smartphone
or tablet.
Mobile Apps and Apple TV
Remote monitoring via DW Cloud™
Plug & Play setup: connecting your DW® CaaS™ camera is easy
with DW Cloud™, with no port-forwarding or other complex
network configuration. And, there is no additional recurring charge for DW Cloud™!
Full Control, Remote Access and Live Notifications
DW’s Camera as a System edge solutions bring you the capabilities of a full-scale VMS in an IP camera. You can access, manage and monitor your system remotely quickly and effeciently.

24/7 Access
Access your edge cameras'
live and archive data remotely,
anytime, anywhere with an
internet connection.
Multi-User Access
Assign multi-level users with
different access to the cameras.
Have up to 10 users access the
camera simultaneously.
Activity-Based Search
Quickly find events of interest
in your archive with smart
action-driven search and
thumbnail views.
Easy Archive and Sharing
When you locate the event
you are looking for, exporting
it and sharing with other users
is fast and simple.
Alerts and Notifications
Get instant notifications
on your mobile phone, monitoring client
and your e-mail if something
is not right.
5MP 360° hemisperic fisheye view with zero distortion
MEGApix® Pano™ 360° view fisheye cameras with IR monitor an entire room with a single camera, providing the ultimate ROI.
License Plate Recognition (LPR)
The MEGApix® CaaS 4MP LPR cameras are engineered to capture license plates of moving vehicles in extreme light conditions, up to 60' at up to 50mph.
No Maintenance Fees
With DW®, there are no maintenance fees or annual agreements for
DW Spectrum® licenses and products.
5 Year Warranty
All DW® cameras come with an
unbeatable 5-year warranty.
DW® IP cameras, analog cameras, NVRs, DVRs, network devices and management software sold and distributed worldwide are designed and developed in U.S.A. and Korea. Manufacturing is done in Korea and Vietnam.

Most DW® products qualify for GSA Schedule Contracts and other government opportunities because they are TAA / NDAA compliant.

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MEGApix® CaaS™ all-in-one 4MP low-profile vandal dome IP camera with 2.8~12mmvari-focal p-iris lens with motorized zoom and auto-focus and IR
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MEGApix® CaaS™ all-in-one 4MP License Plate Recognition (LPR) bullet camera with 6~50mm vari-focal p-iris lens with motorized zoom and auto-focus and IR
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MEGApix® CaaS™ all-in-one 5MP vandal fisheye IP camera with 1.5mm fisheye lens and IR
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