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180° and 360° Panoramic Views at up to 30fps.
IP and HD over Coax.

DW® MEGApix® PANO™ and STAR-LIGHT™ Multi-Sensor Cameras allow you to experience true panoramic views or the convenience of flexible sensor configuration at fast frame rates. When comparing overall system cost, these may be the most cost-effective cameras you can buy because they do more from a single installation, reducing all related costs, such as cabling and labor.

  • The MEGApix® PANO™ 4x4K 48 Megapixel Camera has revolutionized the industry by delivering ultra high resolution with fast frame rates.
  • The MEGApix® PANO™ 1080p IR Bullet Camera is unequaled in the industry for day/night performance in an IP66-rated enclosure. The 1080p Easy-Adjust™ dome camera is simple to mount and adjust — the gimbal rotates in two directions, adjusted WITHOUT OPENING THE DOME!
  • MEGApix® PANO™ 5MP Hemispheric 360° View Fisheye Cameras allow you to monitor an entire room with a single camera, providing the ultimate ROI. The ultra-wide 1.55mm fisheye lens produces up to 5MP real-time, wide panoramic or hemispheric images of any scene in any lighting environment.
  • The STAR-LIGHT AHD PANO™ 6MP Panoramic Camera uses three 2MP CMOS sensors and three 4.3mm fixed lenses to produce 180° views at up to 30fps. Simply bring the three channels into your CMS side by side for a 180° view. A fourth BNC out provides a stitched image tour perfect for a public monitor.
  • The STAR-LIGHT AHD FLEX™ 8 Megapixel User-Configurable Multi-Sensor Camera uses four 2MP CMOS sensors and four fixed lenses with focal lengths of 2.8mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm or 8.0mm in any combination to produce the benefits of four cameras in one housing and one installation.