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What is PathFinderTM
DW's PathFinder is a peer-2-peer (P2P) cloud service that allows you to securely connect to your VMAX® A1 Plus and VMAX IP Plus recorders remotely from a mobile device using the DW Mobile+ app, without the need for memorizing repetitive network information, creating a DDNS or having to make special rule configurations on most consumer routers. It uses a cloud service to perform the outbound connection, making a secure direct connection between the recorder and mobile app to transfer data. PathFinder lets you view live video, control your cameras and recorder settings, search and playback video anywhere.

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Reliable US-based data servers
US-based servers provide a secure and reliable way to handle large amounts of data, sites and users with complete control. Support and management in the U.S.A.
Fast connection and streaming speeds
With servers hosted locally in the US, users can enjoy consistently fast connections to their sites and fast streaming of video from their cameras with minimum lag and delays.
How to Setup PathFinder
What you'll need:
  1. Update your recorder to the latest firmware.
    a. VMAX IP Plus: v1.4.2.7.
    b. VMAX A1 Plus: v1.0.1.56.
  2. Download the DW Mobile Plus app from the app store

  3. Open port 8080 on the router.
STEP 1: On the recorder, go to MENU > NETWORK > PATHFINDER. Check the box 'USE PATHFINDER' and save. The QR code will appear.

STEP 2: Open the DW Mobile+ app on your smartphone or tablet.

STEP 3: Go to "Site Menu" to add a site. Press the QR icon next to the "Host" field.

STEP 4: Capture the QR code with your camera.


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