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Remote Technical Support

In certain situations, a Digital Watchdog Tech Support Agent may request to begin a virtual session for resolving a support issue. This Remote Technical Support Service is a great way for System Integration Professionals and Licensed Installers to receive remote assistance to help resolve a variety of issues and answer product configuration questions. It is Digital Watchdog’s goal to ensure safe remote sessions and that your data and privacy are protected. The session can only be started by an onsite representative and the connection can be canceled at any time at the caller’s discretion. You must have a broadband Internet connection (cable, DSL, or FIOS) to take advantage of this service.

To set up a remote support session:
  1. Call DW Technical Support at 866.446.3595, Monday – Friday 9:00 am-8:00 pm EST. Phone lines may be busy at the time of your call. If so, you may either wait on the line for the next available technician or leave a voicemail, clearly outlining your case, when you are prompted to set up a callback.
  2. When contacting DW Support for help, it is recommended to have the DW Product’s Serial Number (S/N:xxxx) and Model Number (DW-xxxxx) on-hand to help our team with providing the most effective support that they can. This information is physically located on the product label.
  3. If DW Support determines that a remote session is necessary to resolve your issue, you will be requested to select your computer’s operating system (OS) by using the Windows Session or MacOS Session buttons below. Your browser will then download the temporary software file that is needed to use the TeamViewer remote client.
  4. Accept the EULA and DPA agreements to download the software and to receive your temporary TeamViewer ID and Password. This information must be provided to the DW Support Specialist during your call.
Please stay on the line with the DW Support Specialist during the remote session as further information about your case or physical action may be required.