An All-in-One Edge Camera Might be Just the Thing for You
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Nov 06, 2018 in Technology, Thought Leadership
There are several applications where an edge camera might be just the solution for your need.
When I say edge, I am talking about a robust, high-resolution 4MP or 5MP IP camera with a real VMS onboard (DW Spectrum®) and storage pre-installed in the form of a high-capacity SD card.
I am talking about an all-in-one solution. We call our models CaaS™ for "Camera as a Server" — no separate server is required.
These marvels are everything you need — right out of the box — including the recording license (never a charge for software upgrades).
So what makes CaaS™ different than the little boxy camera gizmos you find online?
Professional-grade hardware, services and support. DW Spectrum® IPVMS. DW Spectrum® is unlike any VMS you have ever tried. It was conceived to be different from the get go. It is unbelievably powerful and surprisingly easy to use.
That’s what you get with CaaS™, and we have made it very, very simple:
  • Plug it in and it works — simple.
  • Access your camera from anywhere — simple.
Here are three of many ways an edge camera might work for you:
  • A small business with multiple locations.
  • A separate surveillance system.
  • A homeowners association with multiple gates.
A Small Business with Multiple Locations
If you are a small business owner, odds are that you have invested your whole life into your enterprise. It might make sense to secure your most valuable assets with professional surveillance.
Maybe you are a florist, a restaurateur, own beauty salons, barber shops or convenience stores. Maybe you are a doctor or medical group with multiple offices.
A CaaS™ surveillance system can include one to 12 CaaS™ cameras (per location). You can easily view and manage all your systems (locations) through our DW® Cloud™ online portal, the DW Spectrum® Mobile app or a DW Spectrum® client on a PC or Mac®.
A Separate Surveillance System
Maybe your business is such that you need a surveillance system to cover a certain area apart from your larger surveillance system. Let’s say, for example, you need separate systems for your server rooms. CaaS™ is a great option for you to consider.
Homeowners Associations
Maybe your residents don’t want cameras all around the property, but they want to know who is coming and going through the guard gates. A CaaS™ LPR camera can capture the plates at each entrance, a CaaS™ dome camera can provide a detailed view of who the guard is talking to and a CaaS™ fisheye camera gives a 360° bird’s eye view of each entrance. Such a system is easily installed at each gate and all systems are easily managed through DW® Cloud™.
As the boss says, “Easy peasy.”
Please consider asking your professional integrator about DW® MEGApix® CaaS™ All-in-One Edge Cameras.

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