New Products: MEGApix® 4MP IP Cameras with Video Analytics
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Jan 09, 2019 in Technology
Digital Watchdog | Analytic Cameras
The MEGApix® IP camera with video analytics provide 4MP resolution at real-time 30fps with multiple analytics features that elevate the camera to the next level.
MEGApix® Video Analytics IP Cameras
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Video Analytics - Line Crossing
Once a pre-defined line is crossed from either direction, an alarm will be triggered.
Video Analytics - Perimeter Intrusion
Once a pre-defined area is set, any crossing of the lines towards the area, out of the area, or both, will trigger an alarm.
Video Analytics - Abnormal Color Detection
When the camera’s color reproduction is changed, an alarm will be triggered.
Video Analytics - Video Tampering Detection
When a sudden blur or loss in visibility is detected, an alarm will be triggered.
Video Analytics - Scene Change
When the camera is moved, and the Field of View (FoV) is different, an alarm will be triggered.

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