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DW Spectrum™ IP VMS v2.3 Build 8388 Release Notes

Build 8388 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Some Axis cameras working on software version 2.2 cannot be added to 2.3 — fixed.
  • If Axis cams were added manually to the multi-server system and auto discovery is off all the time, the cameras could lose the stream after moving between servers — fixed.
  • In case cameras were auto discovered but later multicast was turned off, cameras did not go online after the server restarted automatically — fixed.
  • If NAS is mounted to the system based on Windows Server 2008 PS with interior authentication, major memory leak was detected — fixed.
  • Some cameras lost the secondary stream within the software because of improper OnVIF replying — worked around at the software side.

  • For auto-updates, please use the following password: 8388:tfk4af

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