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Technical Bulletin - CCIP™ Camera Encryption


To:      DW® Customers

Date:  March 25, 2016

Re:      CCIP™ Camera Encryption


DW® announces new CCIP (Closed Circuit Internet Protocol) Camera and Recorder Encryption. This new feature is available for all MEGApix® 1080p value cameras as well as VMAX IP Plus™ NVRs.  Firmware updates to enable the feature will be available in March 2016.   


Most IP cameras and NVRs support ONVIF® protocol. The ONVIF protocol is an open platform, and while it enables simplified integration of multiple IP devices from different manufacturers, it lowers the signal’s security level. There is the possibility that an ONVIF conformant camera’s username and password can be hacked, gaining access to the RTSP stream by using a simple URL.  DW®’s CCIP feature encrypts the RTSP stream, adding an additional layer of security.


Camera streams are protected when a user ID and password are used with an NVR. The additional CCIP encryption is activated when the VMAX IP Plus system sends a request for an encrypted stream from the camera. The camera then encrypts its RTSP stream a second time, using the encryption’s user ID and password. The result is a secured and encrypted RTSP stream that can be read only by the requesting VMAX IP Plus NVR.


Firmware to enable CCIP in additional MEGApix models will continue to be added through March and April. Firmware updates are available on our website, CCIP will be a standard feature on all new MEGApix cameras.


To Enable CCIP:

  1. Go to the VMAX IP Plus NVR and make sure you are in live mode.
  2. Select the camera you want to apply the CCIP for, right-click on the camera’s view and select “CAMERA SETUP.”
  3. Next to the stream information, check the box next to SECURITY (button’s name may change to ENCRYPTION in future firmware).
  4. Click APPLY to save all changes.
  5. Now the camera’s RTSP stream is secured, and will be available only when accessed from the VMAX IP Plus. If you try to access the camera from any other NVR or VMS, a gray screen will be shown.

Click CCIP Technical Bulletin to download the full technical bulletin. 

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