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DW's revolutionary Star-Light Plus™ technolgy explained
 MEGApix® IP cameras and Universal HD over Coax® cameras with Star-Light Plus Technology
offer best-in-class solution for low-light applications, delivering stunning, clear images in near total darkness — in color and monochrome!
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Color in darkness technology
Star-Light Plus technology produces a high picture quality in both low visible-light and near-total darkness infrared environments.
Star-Light Plus™ monochrome image
in near darkness.
Star-Light Plus™ also delivers color image details
in near darkness.
Back-side illumination.
Front-side illumination.
Back-illuminated sensor (BIS) technology
Backside-illumination technology flips the position of the pixels and the circuitry to collect the light from the sensor's backside. This improves light capture from 60% to over 90%.
World-class light absorbtion
DW's Star-Light Plus technology enables smaller pixels and sensor size for cost effeciency, without sacrificing performance and video quality.
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