Back-illuminated sensor (BIS) technology
Backside-illumination technology flips the position of the pixels and the circuitry to collect the light from the sensor's backside. This improves light capture from 60% to over 90%.
World-class light absorption
DW's Star-Light Plus technology enables smaller pixels and sensor size for cost efficiency, without sacrificing performance and video quality.
Capture images in near-total darkness better than the human eye
Star-Light Plus technology captures full-color images in near-total darkness, even better than the human eye. A camera with Star-Light Plus technology can produce. This is particularly important when footage is required for forensic investigation, where true colors and details increase the chances of proper identification and evidence collection.
Understanding Lux
Light intensity represents the light intensity in a scene, measured in lux (lx), with one lux = one lumen per square meter. Light measurements are a good tool for estimating the light conditions needed for different installations. DW's Star-Light Plus cameras can deliver color images in as low as 0.04 lux.
Light Intensity Environment
0.01 Clear night with a quarter moon
0.27 lux Clear night with a full moon
1 lux Dusk
10 lux Twilight
300-500 lux Office light
10,000 lux Full daylight
100,000 lux Stribg sunlight

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