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Star-Light Plus PTZ Landing Page

Capture All the Action. What are Star-Light Plus™ PTZ cameras? DW’s Star-Light Plus PTZ cameras use pan, tilt, and zoom to offer users great ROI with maximum protection at a minimum cost. The cameras’ 20x optical zoom gives users forensic detail with the ability to zoom into security events. The camera can also take place of multiple fixed cameras with a variety of intelligent preset and pattern command... [Learn More]

Star-Light Plus Technology Landing Page

DW's revolutionary Star-Light Plus™ technology explained Star-Light Plus technology delivers high-resolution, full-color video with reduced ghosting and motion blur in near-total darkness. In extreme low light environments, where other cameras would switch to B/W or require external illumination, Star-Light Plus cameras remain in color mode, showing crucial details, resulting in superb image quality. MEG... [Learn More]

Star-Light Plus UHDoC Cameras Landing Page

Universal HD signal + existing coax = new ROI. What are Universal HD over Coax® cameras? Universal HD over Coax®(UHDoC) cameras deliver crystal-clear images and support HD-Analog, HD-TVI and HD-CVI signals and analog signals up to 4K resolution. The UHDoC cameras are engineered to work with our VMAX® A1 4K™ and VMAX® A1 Plus™ Universal HD over Coax® DVRs, using your existing coaxial infrastructure f... [Learn More]
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