DW® is proud to announce an update of our warranty policy for nearly all analog and IP cameras.Our unbeatable 5 YEAR WARRANTY leads the market. Going forward, all but a few* new and existing cameras will be covered under our 5 Year Warranty. The warranty period starts on the date of purchase from an authorized DW® reseller.
*Two Year Warranty applies to the following camera models: DWC-PTZ12X, DWC-PTZ37X, DWC-PTZ37XAL, DWC-PTZ37XFM, DWC-MPTZ5X, DWC-MPTZ5XFM, DWC-MPTZ20X, DWC-MPTZ20XFM, DWC-MBH2I4WV, DWC-MVH2I4WV.

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