A CaaS™ by Any Other Name @dw_cctv

???If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Wow. First math, now philosophy.

If you mount a DW® MEGApix® CaaS™ camera in the forest, you will have recorded evidence.

CaaS™ = Camera as a System [edge].

And if you need recorded evidence in less extreme scenarios, a CaaS™ camera on your network can provide failover recording should anything happen to your server.

It?۪s like this… you have a CaaS™ camera connected to an NVR powered by DW Spectrum™ 2.3 IP VMS. You lose power to the NVR because (insert catastrophe here, i.e. you did not choose a Blackjack™]. The camera starts to record itself because you told it to do that if this scenario should occur. When the NVR comes back online and you go to review the video from that time period, DW Spectrum™ pulls the video directly from the camera for the parts that did not get recorded on the NVR.

Math? Philosophy? Seems like magic.

Did we mention that DW Spectrum™ is free to use? (One-time nominal charge for a lifetime recording license.)