DW Announces Elevated Skin Temperature System (E.S.T.)
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Oct 07, 2020 in New Products, Technology
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DW® E.S.T.™Elevated Skin Temperature Screening System
Various distances, same quality readings
With a ±0.36°F/0.2°C accuracy variance (set to a single person reading mode at an effective distance of 6.5 to 16.4 feet from people (10ft is recommended) and 9.8 to 14.7 feet from the Blackbody (10ft is recommended), the DW E.S.T. system provides an ideal standalone solution to meet the requirements of any application.
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A flexible, single product, integrated solution
The DW E.S.T. System complements any analog or IP video surveillance application. It is ideal for controlled entrances where skin temperature screening is needed.
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Automatically trigger visual and audible alarms when a person’s temperature registers beyond a set threshold. These alarms can be quick alerts to let operators know additional screening is required.
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Larger sensor, 4x more data delivers greater accuracy
DW’s E.S.T system uses a 384x288 sensor, providing 4x more data processing power and higher accuracy than conventional IP thermal cameras.
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Smart auto-calibration with Blackbody sensor
The DW E.S.T. software automatically finds where the Blackbody is in the camera’s Field of View (FoV), self-calibrating in real-time based on the Blackbody’s set temperature. If the Blackbody moves, the software finds it automatically in the camera’s FoV.
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High accuracy
The system provides a high accuracy thermal reading (+/-0.4°F, +/-0.2°C) thanks to its auto-detect blackbody technology.
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TAA / NDAA Compliance
DW® products sold and distributed worldwide are designed and developed in U.S.A. and Korea. Manufacturing is done in Korea and Vietnam.
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