DW Spectrum v2.2 Expands the Compatibility of the Robust, Easy to Use Video Management System July 28, 2014 DW®™ announces the release of DW Spectrum version 2.2.1 IP Video Management Software. DW Spectrum IPVMS (video management system) is an elegantly easy cutting-edge approach to managing HD surveillance video in enterprise environments. Designed by leading professionals from the IP megapixel video industry, DW Spectrum overcomes the primary obstacles and limitations of managing enterprise-level HD video at the lowest total cost of deployment and ownership of any solution on the market today. With this release, the software?۪s PTZ feature has been improved to better support DWMEGApix™ cameras and their lens control options. In addition, OnVIF protocol support provides an improved experience with any open platform integration. Additional improvements such as Internet Explorer 9+ optimization and motion sensitivity improvements further improve the user experience. The DW Spectrum 2.2.1 IPVMS includes the following upgrades: Improvements:
  • OnVIF protocol support improvements
  • Web client optimization for Internet Explorer 9+
  • Progress bar added for remote camera screenshot downloads
  • Motion sensitivity default changed from 6 to 5
  • Improved PTZ support for DW cameras:
  • DWC-MB721M4TIR Series ??? Inactive PTZ options removed
  • DWC-MB421TIR Series ??? PTZ ??? Inactive PTZ options removed
  • DWC-MB950TIR & DWC-MV950TIR ??? Inactive PTZ options removed
  • DWC-MPTZ20XFM ??? Advanced PTZ (point and rectangle) control added
  • DW-CP04 Encoder ??? Added OnVIF presets
Bug Fixes:
  • Addressed installation errors on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008
  • Incorrect motion detection ??? Fixed
  • Android app thumbnail display error resolved
  • Improved motion-detection support for non-OnVIF cameras integrated via SDK
  • If a new drive is mounted after Media Server started, it stops recording once filled ??? Fixed
  • Client crash during media folder check fixed (when certain file formats were present).
Click here to view DW Spectrum?۪s product page to download this bulletin and the new software, or get additional documentation, technical bulletins and much more! To receive a complementary software download as well as field training, please contact your DW® regional sales manager.  
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