January 15, 2015, Tampa, FL ??? DW® would like to announce that we have released the latest software update for the DW Spectrum™ Software. The new software is available to download on our website in the links below as well as in DW® public library. This new software version includes the new DW?۪ MEGApix® PANO™ camera?۪s integration with the DW Spectrum software, including the unique ability to control the camera?۪s pan and zoom digitally.

For more information on the MEGApix® PANO™ Series: https://digital-watchdog.com/page/megapix-pano-technology/

For DW Spectrum download page: https://digital-watchdog.com/productdetail/DW-Spectrum-IPVMS-v2-3/

For public library downloads: http://publiclibrary.dwcc.tv/NVR/DW_Spectrum/Software/

For More Information:
DW® Customer Service
Toll Free: 866.446.3595
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