You sent over the lift truck and scissor lift to install those HD dome cameras inside and out for that big warehouse job you landed. Good for you. Gorgeous video.

Six months later, the customer is on the phone wondering what happened to the image quality.

How ya’ gonna’ clean those dome bubbles?

If you installed Digital-Watchdog® MEGApix® IP or STAR-LIGHT™ HD over Coax™ outdoor dome cameras, you wouldn’t have to clean the bubbles. They clean themselves.

Digital-Watchdog® outdoor dome cameras come with CleanView™ self-cleaning coating on the bubbles. You never need to touch the bubbles. The hydrophobic dome coating repels water, grease and dust to maintain the camera's image quality. The technologically-advanced coating alleviates spotting and smudges that can affect the performance of the camera.

Seriously, please don’t touch a CleanView™ dome bubble – ever. If you ever have the need to clean one, simply spritz it with water and let it drip dry. Our Snapit™ models are IP68 waterproof, so spray away. Our other outdoor models are IP66 weather-resistant, so a spritzing is just fine.

Perhaps the most important thing is that you wouldn’t have gotten that phone call from the customer, because he wouldn’t have seen any change in his video quality with a dome bubble that cleans itself. No call. No truck roll.

So, how ya’ gonna’ clean that dome bubble? You’re not.