What is the megapixel value proposition for surveillance cameras?
  • Better Image Quality (Higher Resolution)
  • System Savings through Camera Reduction (See More with Fewer Cameras)
  • Design Using Wide Area Surveillance and Choke Points
How do multi-sensor panoramic cameras fit into that proposition?
  • High Resolution 180?? and 360?? views from a single installation
  • Multiple sensors, but only one network connection and one recording license
In order to further increase that value proposition in a significant way, DW®?۪s new MEGApix® Pano™ Three-Sensor 180?? Panoramic Camera delivers the 180?? view at up to 30fps.

The camera has three 1080p sensors. It is easy to understand how this camera works: it always delivers a 1080p stream. The 180?? view is letterboxed in a 1080p window. When you zoom into the image, you can isolate any of the sensors up to a 1080p stream.

Oh, did we mention this industry-first bullet pano also has IR? It has IR. Smart IR™.

Key Features:
  • Streams Up to 30fps
  • Three-Sensor Panoramic as One Channel (window) and One Recording License
  • Smart IR?? Up to 114-Feet
  • OnVIF Conformant (no need for special integration into VMS)
  • Image is Stitched (easy GUI adjustment of the sensors)
  • Program Virtual PTZ Tours in DW Spectrum™
  • Bullet Housing is IP67 Rated

DW® MEGApix® Pano™ Three-Sensor 180?? View 1080p Camera at up to 30fps

Three-Sensor 180?? Panoramic View in Color

Three-Sensor 180?? Panoramic View with IR

Single 1080p sensor from the 180?? view in Color

Single 1080p sensor from the 180?? view in IR