DW® VMAX IP™ Complete Solution        

You know, there are people here who put a lot of thought and planning into this stuff.

The VMAX™ series of DVRs has been wildly successful for DW® and our integrator customers. Of the many reasons for the popularity of these recorders is the inclusion of Pivot™ as the CMS. Pivot™ is easy to understand, set up and use, and a powerful management tool.

We recently started shipping an IP product called the VMAX IP™ Complete Solution that includes the cameras and NVR. The VMS in this product is an IP version of Pivot™.

If you have been successful providing VMAX™ DVRs to your customers, and one of those customers asks about transitioning to IP, the VMAX IP™ Complete Solution is a win-win for you and your customer. Talk about a zero learning curve: If they already know how to run a VMAX™ DVR, they can run the VMAX IP™ NVR.