Maybe it?۪s just the seriousness of what this day represents, but we?۪re feeling like getting down to brass tacks.

You know, we at DW® are definitely the kind of people you want to do business with for video surveillance hardware and software. We?۪re fun. We know our stuff.

But we?۪re not messing around. Whether we say it nice like ???Complete Video Surveillance Solutions™ or get to the point with ???One Throat to Choke™, we mean it. Match DW® against ANY COMPLETE SOLUTION PROVIDER. DW® deserves to be in your shootouts:

MEGApix® 1080p and 5MP IP Megapixel Cameras: BEST Image Quality, BEST Frame Rate, the MOST and BEST Features.

DW Spectrum™ IPVMS: Find out why reps from other manufacturers use DW Spectrum™ to demo their equipment. ???BUILT FOR USERS™ might give you a clue.

Blackjack™ NVRs: Scalability, scalability, scalability with the power of DW Spectrum™.

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