It?۪s getting exciting around the DW® guard shack. It?۪s all in front of us — opportunity. It?۪s all in front of you — opportunity. Complete Solutions. What does that mean to you? Single Source. A single source for you to deliver the surveillance system of your client?۪s dreams. What is DW Spectrum? Yes, it?۪s a VMS. But it?۪s more than that. It is THE VMS. It is the doorway to your profitability. Go ahead. Compare it to ANY OTHER VMS. Go ahead. We mean it. Cameras? 2MP and 5MP in any form factor you need. Storage Servers? C?۪mon. Blackjack is the answer regardless of the application. VMS ??? CAMERAS ??? STORAGE. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!! Complete Solutions. Oh, then there?۪s a five-year warranty on the cameras and boxes if you need it. FIVE YEARS!? How about LIFETIME? Record a camera with DW Spectrum FOR ??? E ??? VER!

No apologies, man. We told you we?۪re gettin?۪ excited.

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