DW<sup>®</sup> Complete Video Surveillance Solutions
An Extra Layer of Security
We know that you are following best practices and always creating a password for your servers and client software.

Heaven forbid, but what if your system was hacked?

If you are using a system made up of a VMAX IP Plus™ PoE NVR and MEGApix® cameras, with the click of a mouse you can add an extra layer of security by turning on CCIP™ System Encryption between the camera and the recorder. With CCIP™, an intruder might see that there is a camera, but he won't be able to access the video stream without the password.

DW®: HD Video Security Made Easy™ and HD Video Security Made Safer™.

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What kind of server do you need?

A 1080p camera, DW Spectrum™ IPVMS and
SD card complete. Mount. Power. Record.
What Kind of Server Do You Need?

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Lets you record all your analog cameras, including all HD analog cameras.
What Kind of Server Do You Need?
Scalable power and consistent usability
for applications of any size.
What Kind of Server Do You Need?
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