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DW-VMAX480 – 16-Channel
Model: DW-VMAX480 16

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The VMAX480 DVR features simultaneous HDMI and VGA Support, DVD-RW Built-in, Optional Looping Output, Mobile Device Quad View, and PTZ Control with 30fps per channel recording capabilities. The VMAX480D is available in 4, 8, 16 Channels with up to 4TB Storage and 5 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Advanced H.264 Stand Alone DVR
  • 480fps at CIF, 240fps at 2CIF, 120fps at D1 Resolution
  • DVD-RW Built-in
  • Digital Zoom Live and Playback
  • 4 Audio Input/ 1 Audio Output
  • Auto Firmware Upgrade via FTP Server and Manual
  • Help Menu on Major Functions
  • Import/ Export Configurations Between Multiple DVRs
  • Mobile Application: iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets, Kindle Fire Tablet
  • Multiple Recording Schedules
  • NTP- Network Time Protocol
  • Network Bandwidth Control
  • One Touch Video Backup, Reverse Playback, and Emergency Recording
  • Remote Software Platforms: Windows and MAC
  • S.M.A.R.T Health Check with E-mail Notifications
  • Scheduled Network Backup
  • 16 Alarm Inputs/ 1 Sensor Output
  • Simple & Free DDNS
  • USB Mouse, IR Remote Control, GUI
  • Warranty: 5 Years Limited
  • Web- Based Client with Multi- User Access: Live, Playback, Backup, and Configuration
  • HDD Calculator and Auto Recording Configuration
  • E-mail and Text Event Notifications with Snapshot


HDD Interface
4 Channels: 1 HDD 8/16 Channels: Up to 2 HDDs
Max. Internal Storage
4 Channels: 2TB 8/16 Channels: 6TB
Power Requirements
12V DC
Power Consumption
12V x 6.67A DC
Operating Temperature
5°C ~ 40°C (41°F ~ 104°F)
Operating Humidity
Less than 80% humidity
5 Years Limited
4 Channels: 10.5 X 8.0 X 2.75 Inches 8/ 16 Channels: 14.25 X 2.5 X 14 Inches
4 Channels: 2.08lbs with no HDD 8/16 Channels: 8.4lbs (3.8kg) with no HDD
Available Models
DW-VMAX480D 161T DW-VMAX480D 162T DW-VMAX480D 163T DW-VMAX480D 164T DW-VMAX480D 166T


Client Monitoring Software
ACS (Client S/W), MAC (Apple S/W), Pivot (CMS S/W), DW Spectrum (Synergy S/W)
IP Protocols
Fixed IP, DHCP, DDNS, Auto IP, and UPnP Support
Mobile Applications
iPhone, Android Phones, Blackberry (up to Version 8), iPad, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire
Web Viewer Operations
Live, Playback, Remote Configuration, up to 10 Simultaneous Connections (in Live)
Web Viewer Platforms
Internet Explorer
Network Connection
10/100 Base-Tx Ethernet (RJ45)


Camera Image Control
Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue
Covert Channel
Live & Playback
Firmware Upgrade
USB Drive, Network Upgrade, FTP Remote Upgrade
Playback Functions
x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, Fast Forward, Rewind, Frame-by-Frame
Recording Mode
Continuous, Alarm, Motion, Event Recording, Pre- & Post-Alarm, Panic Recording, Scheduled
Recording Rate
CIF: 480/400fps 2CIF: 240/200fps D1: 120/100fps
Recording Resolutions
Search Modes
Time Search, Calendar Search, Event Search
Compression Type
Pre Alarm Recording
External Export Devices


Audio Codec
Display Framerate
Display Modes
1, 4, 9, 16, Sequence, full screen
Looping Output
Optional (DW-VLOOP accessory not included)
Screen Resolution
Serial Interface
2x RS-485 for PTZ Camera and Joystick Controller
User Interface- Control Options
Front Panel Buttons, IR Remote Controller, USB Mouse
Operating System
Linux Embedded
Video Input
Video Output
HDMI, Composite, VGA, Spot Monitor,
Display Resolution (NTSC/PAL)
480fps display speed
Sensor Input
16 Sensor Input
Sensor Alarm Output
1 Alarm Output
Audio Input (RCA)
1 Audio Input (4 Channel Unit)/4 Audio Input)
Audio Output
1 Audio Output + 1 Mic Output
Looping output - 8 channels
Rack mount ears 19"
System Control Keyboard
Title Type Size Download
DW TS Backing up footage on VMAX DVRs Rev1020 pdf 1.46 MB
DW TS Network Setup for VMAX DVRs Rev1020 pdf 1.28 MB
DW TS Upgrading your DVR Rev1020 pdf 0.93 MB
Tech Bulletin - DW08242011: VMAX480 Codes pdf 2.26 MB
VMAX Series Supported PTZ Protocols pdf 0.17 MB
VMAX480 Manual pdf 9.68 MB
VMAX480 Quick Start Guide pdf 2.92 MB
VMAX480 Specifications pdf 2.45 MB
Title Type Version Compatibility Size Download
ACS v1.0.6.3 Software for Windows zip v1.0.6.3 ACS Software 4.95 MB
ACS v2.6.4.2 Software for Mac zip v2.6.4.2 MAC ACS 3.98 MB
PIVOT CMS v1.1.1.1 zip v1.1.1.1 17.20 MB
VMAX 480 16-Channel Firmware v1. Ext. URL v1. VMAX 480 N/A
Frequently asked questions
Q. B. How do I Export video at the dvr?
  1. Enter Setup menu and go to EXPORT
  2. Select Channels
  3. Select START & END times
  4. Press CALCULATE to get the FILE SIZE
  5. Press SCAN and the DEVICE field will populate once USB is found
  6. Enter File name, password (optional) and press START
Q. Can I add USB hard drive for additional storage?
A. No, the USB port only allows export of video up to 32 GB
Q. Can I change the time zone remotely?
A. Yes, by using any browser. Most common: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Windows Edge, Safari
  1. Login using the admin account
  2. Go to Remote Setup
  3. Select System Information
  4. Select the desired Time Zone and SAVE
Q. Can I downgrade the dvr's firmware?
A. Yes, through USB or by PIVOT or ACS
USB method:
  1. Download file to Root directory of USB memory stick
  2. Enter Setup menu
  3. Go to System, System Info, UPGRADE
  4. Change method to USB and press SCAN
  5. Press START once file is found
Software method:
  1. Open PIVOT or ACS
  2. Right click on the site name and select Firmware upgrade
  3. Press Connect
  4. Press OPEN, select the firmware, press START upgrade
  5. Wait 5 minutes then check firmware as software will not notify you when its done.
Q. Can I receive text(sms) notification?
A. Yes, you will need to contact the phone carrier for the text extensions. Example: Verizon:
Q. Can I upgrade hard drive myself?
  1. No, you will void the warranty if you break the seal to upgrade or replace the hard drive on your own.
  2. If the hard drive is deemed defective by Tech Support and its still within warranty, RMA can send you the replacement.
  3. Once replacement is received, please call Tech Support for assistance with the install.
Q. Can I use my own DDNS server?
A. yes
Q. How can I recover admin password
A. Please send an e-mail requesting a password reset to with the proof of purchase, a company letterhead, or a picture of the client holding his business ID or Driver License next to his/her face. Include model and Serial Number of the unit.
Q. How can I view the cameras remotely?
A. Using DDNS or STATIC IP in mobile app, MAC ACS, PIVOT or Internet Explorer
Q. How do I configure email notification?
  1. Enabled Email Notify and press ADD
  2. Enter recipient's address and select options
  3. Enter SMTP server and its port (check with administrator or search online)
  4. Enter USER account: Ex:
  5. Enter Password for that account
  6. Enter FROM: same as user field
  7. Save and Test
  8. If test fails, reboot the unit, check internet connection and/or try another smtp account.
Q. How do I upgrade the DVR's firmware at the dvr?
A. USB Upgrade:
  1. Download file to Root directory of USB memory stick
  2. Enter Setup menu
  3. Go to System, System Info, UPGRADE
  4. Change method to USB and press SCAN
  5. Press START once file is found
FTP Upgrade:
  1. Enter Setup menu
  2. Go to System, System Info, UPGRADE
  3. Change method to FTP and press CHECK
  4. Press START once file is found
Q. How do I upgrade the DVR's firmware remotely?
  1. Download firmware from website
  2. Open PIVOT or ACS
  3. Right click on the site name and select Firmware upgrade
  4. Press Connect
  5. Press OPEN, select the firmware, press START upgrade
  6. Wait 5 minutes then check firmware as software will not notify you when its done.
Q. How to add a Favorite site on ACS OR Pivot?
  1. Connect to the site or desired cameras
  2. Select FAVORITE then press the plus button and name the entry
Q. How to calculate the amount of days my DVR will record?
  1. Enter Setup menu
  2. Go to Quick Setup
  3. Enable Use Quick Setup and enter desired parameters
  1. Go to Support on the website and select Calculators
Q. How to change the sequence time on ACS & Pivot?
A. Go to Setup, CMS Setup and select the Display tab
Q. How to change the Spot out sequence?
  1. Enter Setup menu and go to System
  2. Select System Info then DISPLAY to adjust the SPOT options
Q. How to configure remote notify?
  1. Enter Setup menu
  2. Go to Network then Notification
  3. Enable Remote Notify then press ADD
  4. Enter Remote address of PC and select event types
  5. Open port 6001 on Remote PC’s router
  6. Install and setup PIVOT with DVR’s info
  7. Go to PIVOT CMS setup, Event and adjust the action
Q. How to connect on Windows and Mac computers?
  1. Windows Computers: Download and use PIVOT or Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  2. MAC computers: Download and use MAC ACS
Q. How to control a PTZ camera using RS485 on DVR?
  1. Connect RS-485 cables to the PTZ terminal on dvr
  2. Enter Setup menu
  3. Go to DEVICE then UTC/PTZ
  4. Enter Protocol, Baud rate and Address then SAVE
  5. Exit Menu to LIVE view
  6. Right click on the camera and select PTZ control
  7. User the controller to manipulate the camera
Q. How to disable Auto updates?
  1. Enter Setup menu
  2. Go to System, System Info, UPGRADE
  3. Change “Check Firmware” to NONE
Q. How to enable auto connect on ACS & Pivot?
A. Go to Setup, ACS/CMS Setup, Network and enable Auto Connect
Q. How to enable auto login on ACS & Pivot?
A. Go to Setup, ACS/CMS Setup, Misc and enable Auto Login
Q. How to enable Camera pop-up on motion?
  1. Enter Setup menu
  3. Select Camera and change Notify to Camera pop-up
Q. How to enable Instant Record?
A. From LIVE, right click on screen and select Instant Record or move the mouse pointer to bottom of screen and press the RED button on the menu bar.
Q. How to enable sequence mode on ACS & Pivot?
A. Press SEQUENCE ICON at top of screen. PIVOT only
Q. How to export all settings / system configuration?
  1. Enter Setup menu
  3. Select EXPORT then the menus to export
  4. Insert USB, press SCAN then START
Q. How to export/backup video remotely?
A. PIVOT BACKUP (*.psf file, includes date/time stamp)
  1. Right click on the site in the site list and select Remote Backup
  2. Press the Connect button
  3. Press the Create Directory button and select/create folder to save the file.
  4. Select START and END date/time
  5. Select CHANNELS, START Backup
PIVOT CLIP BACKUP (*.mp4 file, no date/time stamp)
  1. In LIVE or SEARCH select the Camera
  2. Press the Clip icon to start the backup. A red (R) will appear on the camera to indicate Recording
  3. Press the Clip icon again to stop the backup. The "My Documents" folder will immediately open showing where the file was saved. File will be named same as the site title.
    In LIVE or SEARCH select the Camera
Q. How to format the HDD?
  1. Enter Setup menu
  2. Go to System then HDD
  3. Select the HDD number and press HDD Clear
  4. Press Ok and SAVE once done
Q. How to manage the display on the Spot out monitor?
A. Right click and Select Spot Out Monitor
Q. How to reboot my DVR via ACS or Pivot?
  1. Connect to the site in LIVE mode
  2. Right click on the site name and select REBOOT
Q. How to search events via ACS or Pivot?
  1. Right click and select EVENT SEARCH.
  2. Press CONNECT then select date and times to search. Note: It only list 1000 events at a time so you may need to adjust the time to narrow the search
Q. How to set the date and time?
A. Enter Setup menu, go to System Info and select Date & Time
Q. How to setup a PTZ Keyboard to control the DVR & PTZ camera?
  1. Connect keyboard to RS485 terminal of the dvr
  2. Enter Setup Menu
  3. Go to System Info and select keyboard type and baud rate, SAVE
  4. Then go to DEVICE, UTC/PTZ
  5. Select Protocol, Baud rate and ID, SAVE
Q. How to setup a relay?
  1. Connect sensor wire to Alarm input and Ground
  2. Enter Setup menu and go to DEVICE then SENSOR
  3. Turn on Sensor, select camera, relay and type
  4. Go to Record menu and set camera to Sensor recording
Q. How to setup and record audio?
  1. Connect device’s audio out to dvr’s audio input
  2. Enter Setup menu and go to DEVICE
  3. Select camera and turn Audio Mapping on
  4. Select Audio and turn LIVE audio (in/out) “ON”
Q. How to upgrade the firmware version via ACS or Pivot?
  1. Download file from website
  2. In the software, right click on site name and select Firmware upgrade
  3. Press Connect, Press OPEN to select the file then START the UPGRADE
Q. I can connect locally but not remotely.
  1. Confirm the address is correct
  2. Check ports status at or
  3. Reboot the dvr if the ports are open
  4. Open the ports if they are closed.
  5. Reference or contact the ISP for port forwarding assistance
Q. I can’t connect on my MAC computer
  1. Doesn't work using a browser on MAC computers 
  2. Download and use MAC ACS
  3. If using MAC ACS, review your entry and make necessary corrections
  4. Test in Browser to see if it offers a login prompt
  5. Test from another device like a phone or tablet
Q. I can’t connect on my mobile phone. ERROR: “Check entered device information or Network status, Unregistered User, Unknown Protocol”
  1. Review the entered device information and make corrections if needed
  2. Check if connection is through local wifi or data service and switch if need to
  3. Test from another device
Q. I can’t connect through a browser
  1. Will only work in Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  2. Add prefix of http://
  3. Add web port or Network port if changed from 80. Example:
Q. I can’t review recorded video remotely in IE or PIVOT
  1. Make sure SEARCH is selected then press connect
  2. Check the Calendar. Recorded video will be represented by RED numbers
  3. Check the Hard drive health
  4. Reboot the DVR if hard drive is missing.
  5. Replace the hard drive if showing bad sectors
Q. My DVR is frozen on the Splash/Loading screen.
  1. Power cycle the dvr
  2. If still freezing, unplug all cameras and network cable then power cycle again
  3. If it boots normally, reconnect cameras one by one
  4. If problem still exist, the Recovery file must be ran. Contact Tech support at 866-446-3595 option 4
Q. No Display on the HDMI monitor
  1. Confirm the dvr and monitor are powered on
  2. Toggle through the input signals on monitor
  3. Try different resolutions on the monitor
  4. Check cable connection on both ends
  5. Try with another cable and monitor
Q. Security Hardening Tips
  1. Limit amount of users that can have access to the dvr. Only have installer or owner/manager have full administrator rights to make any necessary changes.
  2. Change default HTTP and TCP ports; ports can be changed to any number as long as its not already in use by another device or service
  3. Change the password on the DVR system. If possible use a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters.
  4. Make sure the system is behind a router or firewall.
  5. Ensure the firmware on the system is up to date. Firmware is important to fix any security or vulnerability issues that were not available when system was sent to distributor and to ensure that the system works as intended with no problems.
Q. Spot Monitor Setup
  1. Go to setup menu
  2. Select System
  3. Select System Info tab
  4. Click display button on the bottom
  5. Click drop down arrow next to Spot Out to switch from 1,4,9,16 views
  6. Deselect the channels you don’t want others to see from spot out
  7. Press OK and SAVE
Q. The START button is grayed out in EXPORT menu
  1. Make sure all fields are filled out properly
  2. Make sure the USB stick is formatted in FAT32 and no larger than 32 GB

Export/Backup Process

  1. Enter Setup menu and go to EXPORT
  2. Select Channel(s)
  3. Select START & END times
  4. Press CALCULATE to get the FILE SIZE
  5. Press SCAN and the DEVICE field will populate once USB is found
  6. Enter File name, password (optional) and press START
Q. What browser can I use to connect?
A. The system requires Active X controls so it only works in Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Q. What mobile app can I use?
  1. DW VMAX app, DW Mobile app which can be found in the App Store on IOS devices and Play Store on Android devices.
  2. DW VMAX IP PLUS & DW Mobile app for VMAX IP PLUS NVR
Q. What port do I need to open on the router?
A. The port (adjustable) is listed in the Network menu. Default 80/9010/8245
Q. What remote software works with my product
A. ACS (Windows & MAC), PIVOT (preferred), PIVOT PRO,
Q. What to do if my dvr is not recording?
  1. Check recording menu to make sure recording is still enabled
  2. Check HDD health in HDD menu
  3. Reboot and check for errors.
  4. Format the HDD if needed
Q. What’s the default preset # to access a DW PTZ camera's menu?
A. Preset 95
Q. Where to find mobile app settings on DVR?
A. Enter Setup menu and go to Network for local viewing & DDNS for remote
Q. Where to find the System log?
A. From LIVE, right click, select Search then System Log

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