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Pro 9800 Series
Model: DW-9800
DISCONTINUED    The DW-Pro 9800 Series of PC Based Digital Video Recorders are the perfect solutions for any high security application where real time video and audio recording is required. With features like analog and IP camera integration, real time video and audio recording, and one of the most robust Video Management Software platforms available today, DW® takes the questionable work out of any application you may face. This PC Based DVR is the perfect solution for any high security application where real time video recording is mandatory.

  • Audio Input/ Output: 1 Audio Output
  • Codecs & Streams: MJPEG
  • DVD-RW Built-in: yes
  • HDD Field Up gradable: Removable HDD Trays for Easy Maintenance
  • NAS- Network Attached Storage
  • Network Bandwidth Control: For individual cameras
  • Panic Recording
  • RAID- Redundant Array of Independent Disks: 1, 5
  • Rack Mountable
  • S.M.A.R.T Health Check with E-mail Notifications: DVR Health Check
  • Simple Enterprise Scalability
  • Special Search Options: Preview Search, Date & Time Search, Index (Alarm & Motion) Search, Single Channel while in Live Search, Advanced Motion Search, Smart Object Search, POS Search
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Watermark Verification [Digital Signature Authentication]
  • PTZ: Full PTZ Control of supported IP PTZ Cameras and analog PTZ cameras via RS-485
  • Back Up: DVD-RW, Network, USB Flash Drive, USB HDD
  • Motion Detection: Built-in
  • Recording Mode: Schedule, Sensor, Motion, POS transaction
  • E-mail and Text Event Notifications


Max. Internal Storage
Up to 8TB,
Power Requirements
115-240VAC 50/60
Operating Temperature
Title Type Size Download
Pro9000,9800 Manual pdf 4.74 MB
Pro9000,9800 Manual (Spanish) pdf 7.00 MB
Title Type Version Compatibility Size Download
Pro9000,9800 DW Server v232b24 (Old) exe v232b24 Pro9000,9800 Software 20.58 MB
Pro9000,9800 DW Server v243b19 (Old) exe v243b19 Pro9000,9800 Software 37.91 MB
Pro9000,9800 DW Server v3.60.2800 (Old) exe 3.60.2800 Pro9000,9800 Software 100.95 MB
Pro9000,9800 DW Server v4.50.5705 Ext. URL v4.50.5705 Pro9000,9800 Software N/A
Pro9000,9800 DW VMS v3.39.0600 (Old) exe v3.39.0600 Pro9000,9800 Software 0.25 MB
Pro9000,9800 DW VMS v3.53.1000 (Old) exe v3.53.1000 Pro9000,9800 Software 11.62 MB
Pro9000,9800 Remote Viewer Software exe Pro9000,9800 Software 32.02 MB
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