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What Hard drives can I use in my DVR?
Adding storage or changing the hard drive must be done by Digital Watchdog if you want it to be covered by the warranty. (See the attachment for the list of approved hard drives.) Note: If you choose to do this yourself, you must contact Digital Watchdog Tech Support and a ticket will be created in order to keep the DVR's warranty. The new hard drive will NOT be covered in the warranty.
Daytime image is good but the nighttime image is blurry or out of focus.
This is normally caused by the IRs reflecting back into the camera First inspect the lens cover for dirt, debris, scratches, finger smudges or residue left over from a cleaning solvent. Recommend cleaning with a dry micro fiber cloth. Make sure the rubber gasket is properly seated on the lens. Make sure the lens doesn't exceed the camera's recommended tilt. Check the user manual for specs. Make sure there are no reflective objects too close to the IRs.
How to Update Blackjack Blade’s DW Spectrum IPVMS
See attachment for step-by-step instructions.
How do I merge multiple BLADES to be viewed together
See attachment
How do I merge multiple CUBES to be viewed together
See attachment
How to perform a System Recovery
See attachment Note: You will have to use an external USB CD drive or Copy the contents from the CD to a USB. You will have to select USB in the Boot order.
The second NIC card is missing
see attachment