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What’s new in DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.0
Up to 30 CaaS cameras in a single network
The maximum number of MEGApix® CaaS™ all-in-one edge cameras in a single system is increased to 30 cameras with DW Spectrum® v4.0 (all in the same local network using MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras only). Learn more.
Add device interface
A new, more flexible way to discover and assign devices.
C2P Integration
Integrate 38 new 3rd party systems and devices with C2P (Convergence to Pixels)’s middle-ware.
Cloud system merge
System owners can now merge systems together in the DW Cloud™ interface.
Custom watermark over video
Administrators can add operator names to live, recorded, and exported video as an option to prevent and discover leaked video.
Dual stream RTSP / HTTP
Create dual-streaming “cameras” from legacy products.
Failover on storage failure
Failover now works when all storage drives on a server fail.
H.265 support for ONVIF cameras
H.265 support has been extended to include all ONVIF-compliant devices.
Launch desktop client with CLI
The desktop client can now be launched using the Command Line Interface (CLI).
Automate opening layouts in the rules engine.
Metadata SDK
Enables seamless, semantic integrations between with 3rd party AI-powered video analytics like VisionLabs
Minimum grid size on layouts
Added option to set a minimum viewing grid size.
Notifications panel
The new panel now includes notifications, motion events, bookmarks, events and objects!
Optimized system update
Upgrade process now includes desktop application installed packages and has been optimized for large multi-server system.
Plugins allow seamless integration between DW Spectrum® IPVMS and 3rd party systems, pulling in object data and associated bounding boxes, paths and metadata tags.
Resource panel
A newer, cleaner resource panel experience.
Secure connections and encrypted video
Allow only secure connections and encrypt video and traffic between servers and clients.
Secure export
Password protect exported video.
Virtual camera (import offline video)
Create a virtual camera and import offline video to archive. Great for action cameras, wearable cameras, offline cameras).
Webcam support
USB webcams, laptop cameras and even the Raspberry Pi camera module will all now be auto-discovered and can be recorded and streamed.