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DW Spectrum™ Software Update (v.


DW® announces the release of the latest update for DW Spectrum IPVMS. The update is available for download on our website-


Release Notes:

  •      New Mobile Apps - Brand new cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android with better performance, revamped design and consistent user experience across both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.
  •      Bookmarks - Users can create bookmarks for specific segments of archived video with names, descriptions, and tags either manually or via the Rules & Events engine.
  •      Storage Backup - Users can now set up scheduled or real-time archive backup of high-res, low-res, or all streams from selected cameras to local, NAS, or even cloud-based storage locations (e.g. ftp sites, Amazon Prime Storage, etc.)
  •      PTZ Preset as an Action - Users can now set up rules to trigger a PTZ preset as an action (e.g. create a motion event on a fixed camera that triggers the PTZ to look at the spot where motion occurred).
  •      Alarm Layout - allows users to set display-camera-on-Alarm-Layout as an action (aka pop-up video on alarm).
  •      Live Video Text Overlay - allows users to create custom text overlays-as-an-action (including Generic Event API).
  •      Axis F44 Main Unit
  •      Axis Q6000E panoramic camera
  •      ACTi V23 4 Channel Encoder (with I/O Support)
  •      Messoa IP Cameras (with I/O Support)
  •      Hikvision DS-6704HFI 4 Channel Video Server
  •      Implemented "Advanced" Settings for DWC-BVI2IR cameras
  • *     Improved support for DWC-PZV2M72T cameras
  • *     Vista VK2-1080XVRDPTPMF camera now mapped for advanced PTZ
  • *     Arecont RTSP camera support implemented
  • *     Digital I/O support for Arecont cameras implemented
  • *     Added "Connect" button to the "Test" dialog during dialog
  • *     Updated viewing cell icons and improved styling for "info" data
  • *     Calendar widget can now be pinned
  • *     Added layout background support for video wall
  • *     Transcoding is now enabled by default for video export from multi-sensor cameras (e.g. DWC-PZV2M72T)
  • *     Added warning before export if export will result in video downscaling (applies only to very high resolution or multi-sensor cameras)
  • *     "Timeline mode" renamed to "Time Mode". Change can be seen in timeline, timestamps in Event Logs, Audit Trail and Bookmark Log
  • *     Added ability to sort Alarm/Event Rules by any column
  • *     Improved "Server Settings" and "System Administration" dialogs - now changes can be applied without closing dialog
  • *     Storage Analytics improvement - storage utilized by deleted/moved out cameras is displayed separately
  • *     Storage usage optimizations and improvements
  • *     Improved time synchronization mechanism between Servers
  • *     Improved error messages for some cases of push updates failure
  • *     "Free Storage Space" is increased from 5Gb to 50Gb for NAS
  • *     Server SSL can now be disabled
  • *     API documentation is improved and extended
  • *     General Server stability improvements based on anonymous usage and crash statistics

For DW Spectrum download page:


If you are already running DW Spectrum IPVMS version 2.3 or higher, please use the auto update feature in the software itself. For auto updates, enter version 11500 in the remote update page and use the following password: d3om78.

Click here to download the full release notes.  

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