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DW Tech Bulletin – DW Spectrum™ Update


To:       DW® Customers

Date:   July 28, 2015

Re:      DW Spectrum™ New Software Update (v.


DW® announces the release of the latest software update for the DW Spectrum™ IP VMS Software. The software is available to download on our website at the links below and also from DW’s public library.


Release Notes:


  • *     Camera based DW Spectrum Edge Media Server has been optimized and is ready for release.
  • *     New Anti-Virus and Firewall friendly HTTP tunneling for server-to-server and client-server connections.
  • *     VMAX 480 support issue. Fixed.
  • *     Added max and min VBR value to config file for MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras.


  • *     Embedded Client User Manual has been restored for offline use.
  • *     System performs faster archive scan for external storage locations (NAS, DAS) which have been disconnected and are reconnected.
  • *     Ability to add an independent RTSP stream from existing system ONVIF™ or auto discovered cameras.
  • *     Optimized database synchronization between servers (server hive synchronization is now faster and less resource intensive).
  • *     Archive periods are displayed more quickly on the timeline.
  • *     Media Server startup times reduced.
  • *     Client RAM usage optimized for playback of local files = better local file playback.
  • *     ONVIF™ improvement: fixed secondary stream for camera PSIA | 3516F0.
  • *     ONVIF™ improvement: if secondary stream is improperly reported as 0x0 resolution system still recognizes and uses it.
  • *     Added "Absolute Positioning" on Samsung PTZ models (SNP-6321, SNP-5430).
  • *     Added Input support for Avigilon cameras.
  • *     Alarm Input not discovered on Samsung SNO-6011RP.
  • *     Available System updates notification now only displayed for Administrators.
  • *     Update notifications can now be disabled by Administrators.
  • *     Dewarping now able to be used on local files. For example, users can export footage from a fish-eye camera and then apply dewarping to the fisheye image.
  • *     Camera Streams Settings are more consistent. "Keep Camera Streams" flag can now only be changed if global setting "Allow system to optimize camera settings" is enabled.
  • *     Video wall “Push my screen” no longer creates new layout by default.
  • *     PTZ Tours now continue even if a PTZ camera goes offline in the system tree.
  • *     API has been improved. Check the API documentation for more details.
  • *     Camera streams display delay decreased. (Camera streams now display faster when first opened in viewing grid).
  • *     IQ Cameras compatibility improved.
  • *     Axis Cameras compatibility improved.
  • *     Safer Merge Process. Database is now backed up on both systems prior to merge.

For DW Spectrum download page:


If you are already running a DW Spectrum version 2.3 or higher, please use the auto update feature in the software itself. For auto updates, enter version 9070 in the remote update page and use the following password: 9hb3r6.



For More Information:

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