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Technical Bulletin - How to Add a DVR to a Digital Spot™ Monitor Using an RTSP URL


DW®’s new Spot Monitoring Module allows you to add a monitoring screen for live view from any VMAX AHD™ and VMAX IP Plus™ via a quick network search. In addition, you can manually add any channel from a VMAX A1™ DVR using its RTSP URL. The method described here can be used to add any other recorder that supports RTSP communications.

To add a channel using an RTSP URL:

  1. In the Spot Monitoring Module, right click anywhere on the screen and go to the Main Menu.
  3. Click on the “ADD CAMERAS MANUALLY” button.
  4. Enter the DVR’s ID & password
  5. Select which channel you want to add to the Spot Monitoring Module.
  6. Under Protocol, select RTSP instead of ONVIF (default).
  7. Enter the DVR’s model name (optional).
  8. Enter the DVR’s brand name (optional).
  9. Enter the DVR’s RTSP URL. Please note to enter the URL only on the first RTSP field.
    1. The VMAX A1’s RTSP URL should be in the following format: rtsp://
      For example: rtsp://
    2. Enter the DVR’s IP address:
    3. Port: Use the DVR’s web port (default value is 80).
    4. Profile-x: Enter the DVR’s channel number you want to add.
  10. Press “APPLY” to save the changes.


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