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Technical Bulletin - MEGApix® 1080p™ 128MB Firmware Update v2.1.4.2

To:      DW® Customers
Date:  December 17, 2015
Re:      MEGApix® 1080p™ 128MB Firmware Update v2.1.4.2

DW® announces the release of new firmware version for the MEGApix 1080p™ cameras with 128MB of memory. The firmware is available for download on our website and from our FTP server at the links below.


To discover whether a camera has 64MB or 128MB hardware, please check the “New MEGApix Firmware Options” technical bulletin released previously or consult the list that follows. 


Release Notes for version
  • *     Added VBR model for bitrate control, providing more options for different network environments.
  • *     Added Reboot interval option (Daily or Weekly). [System] -> [Date & Time] -> [Reboot interval].
  • *   In the firmware upgrade setup screen, changed the FTP’s URL from to




MEGApix® 1080p™ 128MB Hardware:

Username: dw
Password: dw1234

The new firmware applies to the following MEGApix® 1080p™Cameras:
  • *     DWC-MB421TIR, DWC-MB421TIR650
  • *     DWC-MB721M4TIR, DWC-MB721M8TIR
  • *     DWC-MC421D
  • *     DWC-MD421D, DWC-MD421DB
  • *     DWC-MD42TIR, DWC-MD421TIRB
  • *     DWC-MF21M28T, DWC-MF21M4TIR, DWC-MF21M8TIR
  • *     DWC-MPTZ20X, DWC-MPTZ20XFM
  • *     DWC-MV421D, DWC-MV421DB
  • *     DWC-MV42TIR, DWC-MV421TIRB

For More Information:
DW® Customer Service
Toll Free: 866.446.3595