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Technical Bulletin - MEGApix® 1080p Firmware Update


To:      DW® Customers

Date:  March 25, 2016

Re:      MEGApix® 1080p Firmware Update


DW® announces the release of new firmware for MEGApix® 1080P cameras. The firmware files are available for download on our website and from our FTP server at the link below. The new firmware applies to the following models:

  • *     DWC-MB72i4V
  • *     DWC-MB82i4V
  • *     DWC-MD724V
  • *     DWC-MD72i4V
  • *     DWC-MV72i4V


Release notes for v1.2.0_20160316:

  • *     Support for the new CCIP™ feature.


Camera streams are protected when a user ID and password are used with an NVR. The additional CCIP encryption is activated when the VMAX IP Plus system sends a request for an encrypted stream from the camera. The camera then encrypts its RTSP stream a second time, using the encryption’s user ID and password. The result is a secured and encrypted RTSP stream that can be read only by the requesting VMAX IP Plus NVR.


Firmware to enable CCIP in additional MEGApix models will continue to be added through March and April. Firmware updates are available on our website, CCIP will be a standard feature on all new MEGApix cameras.


NOTE: It is highly recommended to reset the camera back to its default settings once the firmware upgrade is complete to assure the process executed correctly. 


MEGApix® 1080p:


Username: dw

Password: dw1234


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